Strategic challenges for national energy policy

In line with its mission, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences seeks to support the National Assembly and the government in the scientific foundation of the national energy policy strategy by mobilizing the scientific community and through its experts and bodies. The Academy seeks dialogue with decision-makers to find answers to emerging questions in the knowledge of scientific results. The MTÜ's flagship programme entitled "Science and Parliament" offers a glimpse into this process.

In the first part of the event, the most knowledgeable representatives of policy and science will talk about the new strategic challenges of national energy policy in the context of energy diversification, security of national supply, the short- and long-term effects of the development of war and the geopolitical situation, and environmental sustainability. In the second part of the session, a roundtable discussion will include a dialogue and professional discussion between policymakers, industry and scientific experts, and the audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the participants of the roundtable.

Date : November 10, 2022 from 09:30 to 13:00

Helyszín: MTA Székház, Díszterem
1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 9.

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nov 10 2022


09:30 - 13:00
Online közvetítés

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