English-language Startup Management course at BME


IVIM students attention!

Those who are interested in how to run a business successfully (these are you) and would like to deepen their knowledge with practical knowledge and would like to take the time to do so are welcome to our 4-credit course in Startup Management (BMEGT20V104) in English in the fall‼
Why is it good to choose this object?
  • You can prepare a knowledge-based business in a team,
  • you can try out what kind of market research to do,
  • you don't necessarily need your own idea, you can be co-founders or co-entrepreneurs
  • you become part of a business development incubator
  • you can create a prototype, and even
  • they could even make money‼️

The venue of the classes is the BME Startup and Innovation Center on Tuesdays from 16:15 to 19:00, the 9th floor of the BME Z building, and you can find the detailed TAD here .

‼️Apply for the subject at Neptune and feel free to call your friends as well, because anyone can apply with BME student status‼️ We are waiting for you in September‼️